2022 Leadership Challenges

It’s no secret 2020 and 2021 were trying times for most leaders and management teams. We all learned a lot as we faced things we never imagined possible. And now as 2022 approaches, we’re finding ourselves in somewhat of the same circumstances – wondering what new problem awaits us around the next corner. For those looking to get some insights into what some of those new challenges may be, this list is for you.

The Latest: Career Nomads

Flexibility is now the norm. Whether your staff is working from home, at a café, or going to a co-working space, they are loving the freedom and flexibility that remote work gives them. And there is a term for it now: Career Nomad. A recent Korn Ferry report showed that 32% of workers have no intention of going back to the office full-time again. And, many older members of the workforce are choosing to retire, often at a much earlier age than expected. This combination of new mindsets will make it imperative for you to be accommodating when it comes to how your employees work. It will be more on their terms than yours, and don’t expect them to rush back to the water cooler anytime soon.

Great Resignation: Part 2

If you thought 2021 was a tough year to find help, the prospects for 2022 don’t look much better. Korn Ferry’s survey also reported that 55% of employees believe the great resignation will not only still be around, but maybe get worse next year. Worse yet, over 30% of those asked said they intend to quit their jobs without worrying much about having a new job on the other side. Those stats aren’t promising, but there are things you can do to mitigate a catastrophe. First, listen to your people and if you haven’t considered implementing an employee engagement platform like TinyPulse or 15five, now’s the time.

What People Want: A Connection

Turning on your camera for a Zoom meeting helps, but it’s not a replacement for the benefits of sitting around a table face-to-face. While workers report loving the flexibility of remote work, the lack of human connection is definitely affecting the mental health of the nationwide workforce. A recent survey by TELUS International states that 75% of U.S. workers struggle at work because of anxiety caused by recent world events. With that in mind, it’s time to take stress, anxiety, and mental health seriously in 2022 and let your staff know you want the best for their all-around health and well-being.