Serving Southeast Michigan Since 2004

Leet Services started in 2004 when our founder was just a junior in high school. With a major passion for technology and the businesses it helps, Leet has kept up with times over the and continues to offer modern solutions to businesses in Southeast Michigan.

Our business model is proactive, not reactive. Instead of calling us when things break, we know from experience that we can manage & implement solutions that tend to “just work” – limiting your company from experiencing costly downtime and loss of productivity.

As our clients know, we’re far more than just a repair facility that focuses on a single piece of your IT puzzle. We’re known as a responsive, knowledgeable, and highly valued strategic partner. We collaborate diligently with our clients to develop reliable custom-crafted cloud solutions. Your information will be safe and accessible at all times. Our specialists know how to keep you up and running in the rare instance of a complete catastrophe.

Next Level Solutions

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