Best Hybrid Office Tools for Today

You likely have employees who prefer coming into the office and those that swear they will never step foot in an office again, but, as they way, the show must go on. Finding a way to make sure your team stays productive and efficient is key. And using tech to get you there is your best path forward.

Here are some ideas for the best tools to help you and your people make the most of each day.

Document Management – Keeping everything in one place is step one. There is then the ongoing maintenance, naming conventions and access levels that will make your document organization endeavor a successful one. Platforms like Dropbox and Box are two great places to begin your search.

Communication Tools – It’s not as easy as just picking up the phone or sending an email anymore. People work all over the world and also have become accustomed to the immediacy of texting. Add the move toward asynchronous work environments, and you can see how important good messaging can be. Slack is the industry leader, with Microsoft Teams holding significant market share as well.

Employee Satisfaction – People working remotely can begin to feel like they are on an island if they don’t engage freely with other staffers within your organization. So, it’s important that you not only create an open culture, but also put tools in place to help recognize achievement and also give valuable feedback to you on how they feel about the work they are doing. A few great options are Office Vibe, Caroo, Bonusly, and Nectar.

Workflow Management – You want your people to get things done, but you don’t want to hover over their shoulders all day to make sure they are doing it your way. A great option is to employ a project management platform, so your team can assign tasks, monitor them, communicate about them and ultimately get the work completed. Some great modern feature-centric choices are, Asana, Workzone, Basecamp and Jira.

Don’t take the shift in the way work is being done today lightly. To stay in step with the new asynchronous nature of things as well as nurture this new overall shift in worker mentality, make sure you have the right software for the job.