Cyber security training once a year isn’t working

Cyber threats are always looming, and keeping your team updated is key to protecting your business. But let’s face it, traditional once-a-year cyber security training just isn’t cutting it anymore. 

Sure, it’s on the calendar, and that’s a start. But ask anyone in security, and they’ll tell you, it’s often seen as a boring, time-consuming task. Clicking through slides or speeding through videos isn’t exactly inspiring. 

And even when people do pay attention, there’s little proof it leads to real behavior change. The old way lacks engagement and doesn’t connect with employees on a personal level. It’s more about ticking boxes than building a culture of cyber security. 

But here’s a better approach: regular, bite-sized, and human-focused interventions. Like those speed signs that make you pause and think while driving, these interventions help employees make smarter decisions about cyber risks in real-time. 

By nudging them toward safer choices without overwhelming them, we can help build better cyber hygiene habits. In today’s world of Generative AI and third-party tools, this kind of guidance is crucial. 

While annual training still has its place, it’s time to think about a more proactive approach to cyber security education 

That’s where we come in. If you want to learn more, reach out to us today