At Leet, we offer dark web monitoring for Rochester Hills and metro Detroit businesses. Personal and corporate information can be stolen and users may not even be aware. As such, it’s extremely important to constantly monitor every corner of the online universe. From chat rooms and social media sites, to cybercriminal forums and sharing sites, vigilance is key.

Online criminals target businesses, steal sensitive information, and sell it on the dark web. Some may wonder what exactly the ‘dark web’ is. In short, it’s a network of hidden websites that require a special browser, called a Tor or Onion browser, to access. Normal users cannot just stumble across these sites by accident. They also cannot be found via a Google search or any other browser.

With advanced software, we can infiltrate online criminal communities to gain access to stolen data. Alerts are sent immediately when an issue arises. When suspicious activity is detected, our team jumps into action to protect the compromised information.

Dark Web Monitoring
Dark Web Monitoring

Take Control With Dark Web Monitoring

To no surprise, due to its anonymity, the dark web has become a hotbed for illicit online activities. Even more disturbingly, most of these sites contain information that could be used to harm organizations or individuals. Selling, trading, and sharing of private information is on the rise, so it’s more important than ever to keep tabs on who has what information. This includes everything from email addresses and passwords to credit cards, Social Security numbers and phone numbers. Most of the time, a person cannot even tell if their information has been compromised or stolen.

Leet’s monitoring team scours the underground areas of the internet for unauthorized use of this sensitive information. When suspicious activity is found, we take immediate steps to remediate. Our solutions will keep information safe and protected.


Leet offers real-rime monitoring solutions. We scan the deepest corners of the internet for your private information. If it’s found on any site, or being used maliciously, an alert is sent, and we take action. State-of-the-art technology allows us access to a large database of security tools that track hackers and sensitive information on the dark web.

  • Ensure Proactive Protection
  • Identify & Stop Hackers
  • Discover Leaked Information
  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fast Visibility of Exposed Data
  • Innovative Security Controls
  • Account Takeover Prevention

By taking a proactive approach, we can initiate widespread searches to uncover potential threats before they strike. In addition, our team monitors account takeover attempts early on. When a threat is flagged, we force a password reset, protecting the integrity of the system.

Monitoring the Dark Web

Safeguard Online Information with Dark Web Monitoring

Don’t be an easy target. Get the enhanced protection needed to stay safe.

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