Leet offers Microsoft Office 365 migration solutions businesses are turning to for full design and deployment. With proven experience in planning and building cutting-edge platforms, our experts can create a system made specifically for your organization’s needs.

Office 365 is the most wide-ranging and versatile cloud productivity suite available today. Not only does it streamline production, but it also drastically reduces overhead costs. Implement this cost-effective and collaborative platform your team is already familiar with, for unparalleled business success.

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Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot is a comprehensive suite of technologies designed to streamline the initial setup and configuration of new devices. This solution ensures that devices are quickly prepared for productive use and offers seamless options for resetting, repurposing, or recovering devices when necessary. Traditionally, technicians invest significant time in creating and customizing images for deployment onto devices. Autopilot revolutionizes this process by offering a modern approach that simplifies endpoint privilege management. Furthermore, Autopilot facilitates the integration of Microsoft Endpoint Manager into devices directly from leading manufacturers such as Dell and HP. Upon initial user login, devices are automatically configured to register with Azure AD and join Intune/SCCM. This integration enables the seamless deployment of all organizational applications and policies to the device, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Some of the exciting features allow the ability to:

  • Automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) or Active Directory (via Hybrid Azure AD Join).
  • Auto-enroll devices into MDM services, such as Microsoft Intune.
  • Restrict the Administrator account creation.
  • Create, as well as auto-assign devices to configuration groups based on a device’s profile.
  • Customize OOBE content specific to the organization.

Windows Autopilot also offers a convenient feature called Autopilot Reset, which enables existing devices to be swiftly prepared for a new user. This capability is particularly valuable in break/fix scenarios, allowing devices to be rapidly restored to a business-ready state. Aitopilot Reset proves to be a significant time-saver compared to the traditional process of purchasing devices, configuring them internally, and then distributing them to users.

Benefits of Migrating to Office 365

When partnering with Leet, feel confident knowing your systems are in good hands. With a complete management and reporting platform, team members will have a clear understanding of all operations. Business leaders can experience best-in-class capabilities, such as:

  • Effortless remote working with cloud storage.
  • Money-saving features, like only paying for the licenses needed.
  • Subscription management that grows as the business grows.
  • New software, patches, and bug fixes that are all automatically updated.

Achieve a seamless migration process with assistance from the best Office 365 experts available. Ensure vital business information and files are protected through the transition, and guarantee a working environment built for the future.

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