New Year – New Business Strategies

The Great Resignation, supply chain issues, and remote work are just a few of the business challenges of the past two years. And many companies have had to choose to view their glass half full or half empty, depending on their level of optimism for things to come. In the end, it’s up to us as leaders to look for opportunities even in our darkest days, putting fear and adversity aside for the greater good.

To that end, here’s a list of some new strategies you should consider in 2022 to help keep your mindset positive.

Find People Everywhere

It’s unlikely the labor shortage is going to change much as 2022 comes roaring in. For those businesses looking for answers, have hope. Even powerhouses like Microsoft have changed their hiring approach over the years to expand their pool. Not every talented person went to a top-tier school or even has a college degree. Instead of relying on GPAs and test scores, have your interviewees talk you through real-life scenarios. Or even have them do some of the work on a 1099 basis to ensure they have what it takes before you hire them. Bottom line? Talent could be anywhere.

Forget Disruption, Learn to Reinvent

We’ve learned from watching companies like Tesla, Lyft, and Spotify that disrupting an industry can lead to riches, but it isn’t always necessary to topple the apple cart to make our way forward. We’re not all natural disruptors, but we can gain a massive advantage by taking the perils of these times and using them to reinvent ourselves. Be strategic and gritty. It doesn’t have to shake the earth, but how can you reinvent yourself in 2022?

Is Your Culture Strong?

In 2022, it’s going to be about transparency and accountability. Millennials and Gen Z insist on it. So what to do? Create feedback loops with your staff, including regular check-ins. Display flexibility in scheduling, go the extra mile and contribute to worthy causes, and always be accountable for your mistakes as well as the successes.

Success in 2022 will go to those willing to reinvent, find people everywhere, and create a strong culture. Stick to “we’ve always done it this way” at your own risk.