The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

Microsoft has recently released its latest Windows 11 update, which includes a significant enhancement that may benefit you and your team. 

In this update, Microsoft has relocated Copilot, its AI assistant, to a more accessible location on the taskbar. Now situated on the far right in the ‘system tray area’, finding the Copilot button is more convenient than ever before. 

For those who do not wish to utilize Copilot, rest assured that it can be easily removed from the taskbar. However, utilizing an AI assistant can significantly enhance productivity. Therefore, we recommend giving it a chance before deciding to remove it entirely. 

This update, formally known as Patch KB5034765, has been gradually rolling out over the past few weeks. Beyond the user interface changes, it includes critical security patches and bug fixes. Notably, a fix for Explorer.exe has been implemented, addressing an issue where some PCs would freeze upon restart with a game controller connected. 

While this specific issue may not pertain to your business, it is reassuring to know that Microsoft is actively addressing such concerns. Additionally, improvements have been made to Narrator, the screen reading tool, to address delays in announcements. 

Although these enhancements may seem minor, they can significantly streamline your workflow and minimize disruptions for your team. 

Has your business transitioned to Windows 11 yet? Our team can evaluate your current setup and provide guidance on whether an upgrade would be beneficial or if remaining on Windows 10 is more suitable.