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Based in Rochester Hills, Leet is a top provider of network cybersecurity for Detroit area companies. What really sets us apart is our focus on risk mitigation. Get peace of mind knowing systems are protected and monitored 24/7. Let our experienced security team take the stress away from staff members. Instead, let them focus on core business matters, while we focus on technology.

Our easy-to-understand pricing leaves zero confusion. We oversee all business operations for one fixed monthly price. This also includes unmetered help desk for all employees and staff. No longer worry about keeping track of license renewals, subscriptions cancellations, backups or networking issues. We manage it all!

In addition, Leet has the tools and proven methodologies to meet each business need. Our team consists of experts in various technical platforms and software across a wide range of industries. Responsive professionals work alongside you, providing a true partner who will defend your organization from all types of attacks.

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Custom Cybersecurity Services

Leet excels in staying at the top of securing technology. Protecting an organization can be painful, if working with the wrong company. We use a proven and refined system that provides ample protection, while still being user-friendly for staff. From simple desktops to multi-site connectivity or rewiring, we can handle any size project. Some of our solutions help protect against:

  • Unexplained Data Exfiltration: Detecting the unauthorized transfer or copying of sensitive data from your organization’s network, which could indicate a security breach.

  • Elevated Privilege Usage: Monitoring for instances where legitimate user accounts are misused or abused with elevated privileges, which can indicate insider threats or compromised accounts.

  • Unusual Outbound Traffic: Observing unexpected and unusual patterns of outbound network traffic that might indicate malicious activities such as command and control communication or data exfiltration.

  • Unpatched Software Vulnerabilities: Identifying outdated or unpatched software that may be susceptible to exploitation by cybercriminals.

  • Phishing Attempts: Recognizing phishing emails and social engineering attacks targeting employees, as these can lead to compromised accounts and data breaches.

Inside computer systems, numerous potential threats emerge daily. Our platform delivers actionable insights, increasing the security of every office setting. Through immediate alerts for changes or employee-driven risks, we maintain continuous defense, granting us essential time to react and formulate an effective response plan.

Trusted Network Security Solutions

Leet is a completely hands-on firm. We monitor and review systems regularly, making sure data and systems are protected at all times. A comprehensive plan should include ongoing internal vulnerability detection, configuration change alerting, and a heads-up to anomalous user behavior and other types of suspicious or unusual activity.

As the sophistication of cybersecurity threats continues to grow, safeguarding an organization’s systems and crucial data becomes an even greater challenge. Our dedicated team in Rochester Hills collaborates with industry leaders to ensure seamless, high-performance operations. We don’t rely solely on conventional SMB practices; we also deploy comprehensive EDR antivirus solutions to fortify systems against malware.”

In addition, we work to provide unique solutions that go way beyond these standard technologies to make sure computer systems remain hardened and intact. You can expect the following and more when you engage our services:

  • Conduct a risk assessment and review all risks.
  • Develop a remediation plan and set up protocols and policies.
  • Create a 360° ongoing strategy that detects internal threats.
  • Regularly test for internal and external vulnerabilities.
  • Set up regular internal reports.

Threats and vulnerabilities exist for every organization around the world. Have peace of mind knowing that your business is not only protected from external threats like viruses and malware, but also from far more prevalent internal risks as well. Our number one goal is to protect and educate our clients to mitigate risk associated with running a business.

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Next Level Cybersecurity Protection for Detroit Metro Businesses

Cyber-attacks, malware, viruses, hacks, and vulnerabilities evolve every day. Though nothing can ever offer 100% protection, our advanced solutions help to minimize risk and exposure. Make sure your technologies are protected before it’s too late.